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I'm Mezzy and I'm into writing, photo, and traditional art.
I do a lot of random stuff that doesn't get on here, but every once and a while I'll throw something out.

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So with the ebola outbreak, and the fact that two infected doctors will be coming to the US, a friend and I were having a chat about the end of the world. Naturally.

We were having a friendly debate about zombies and he thought that zombies had to die as humans first to then become mobile again as zombies. Die first, then become reanimate. That made no sense to me... prepare your butt for a rant.

Think about it. Dying and then suddenly become reanimate.... that isn't possible, even in a world where zombies exist. They would still have to abide by the same laws of energy and matter the rest of the world does. Between rigor mortis setting in which causes the limbs and other muscles to become stiff and unmovable, it would be impossible for the zombie to move around. A body cannot move at all once the muscles become stiff like that, and it cannot be undone by a simple disease. When the neurons stop working or the blood stops bringing in the proper proteins to keep working and firing the muscles, they stop and don't start back up. Movement only happens when blood is pumping, and your body needs fuel to keep a pumping heart, hence why zombies are flesh eaters; protein is the best source to get energy for a human body.

That is why I personally believe that if there were to be a zombie outbreak, it wouldn't be a "boom you're dead, but now you're a zombie too," it would be like a disease that slowly attacks the neuron system. The frontal lobe, which is what essentially makes us human as intelligent and moral, becomes corroded away when the disease sets in, so what's easier to catch: a jackrabbit or a fat slow human?

They are not stupid, they just become animals that have the same instincts as all other primal creatures: eat, survive, thrive, and reproduce. Humans have become lazy and weak, also they have overpopulated the world. By targeting them, there is a much greater chance of survival, better food, and the furthering of their species if you call it that.

As for the physical structure of the creatures, debating the speed and agility of them, since I am going with the slow and lethal flesh eating disease that targets the neural system above all else, I believe the zombie would be just as fast/strong/lithe/ect as the human was before infected. However, I also believe that this would decrease over time as the disease cannibalizes the host body. Going after muscles and neural tissue, the creature would soon become weak and feeble, eventually "dying" when the last of the brain tissue is eaten away.

Welp, I want to say more, but it's nearly 2:30 AM so I should hit the hay. I would love any feedback on your theories and thoughts, but keep it friendly please. This is all just hypothetical and for fun :3

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Pain is an interesting thing.

When the body is met with an object that pierces skin, neurons fire rapidly to alert the brain of the intrusion so that it may be dealt with.

However, if that object is left untouched

still nuzzled into the flesh

eventually those neurons will quiet. Despite the hazard still being quite real.


The body will cope.

Given time, the intrusion will become merely a nuisance; only reawakening those pain jolts when pressured or agitated.

It may even be accepted

as a mangled addition

skin growing over in a safe cocoon

now a part of the very body it once threatened. Permissible and yet festering.


Perhaps it becomes too much to bear.

Inflamed and infected from burrowing so much deeper than realized, but now it is buried and unseen from the outside.

To remove it now

skin must be cut

wound flushed out

so much pain for something that seemed so dismissible. Stitches fight to hold the seams.


A scar remains.

A stark contrast against your even skin, a constant reminder of the pain you once endured and still withstand.

To those who search

it can be found

a mark of unity. Shared among those who traversed the same flames.


A scar

Running a finger over the divot, you are always reminded.

You might always be marked

branded in a way

by the pain that held you captive.


And yet here you are

and here you remain.

Like a dandelion through the pavement

stubborn and fighting

you persist.

A Scar
I know it's been a while, and this is a more personal piece. It's pretty raw, so don't mind the structure and all that. Might just get rid of it tbh. But anywho, it's about healing after suffering abuse or oppression. I just felt like putting it out there to see what happens. Thanks


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